Vehicle tracking software for GPS tracking business


Real-time vehicle tracking displays current location and fleet status, along with address, sensor and other attribute information.


An overall view of all the needed details in the company: vehicles, reports, events, notifications, geofences, etc. are all shown in a single comprehensive page.


fmsitrack is capable of being integrated with other customers related systems: ERP, waybill management systems, workforce management, fleet maintenance, etc.


All possible terminals with digital/analog outputs that can be connected to the tracking units (such as seat belt sensor, temperature sensor, doors sensors etc) can be integrated with fmsitrack software.


Both hard and soft alarms are integrated with the possibility to add and configure customer’s specific alarms.


Notifications appears both in the web pages and in mobile app as push notifications. Company admins can configure the notifications according to their priority and can determine the sending method too (SMS, email, interface).


Company admins can immobilize the vehicle that violates the company policy.


fmsitrack allows the users to synchronize (add, remove, edit) the authorized list of drivers with the GPS tracker in the vehicles.


Users can track their customers waybills and get instant updates regarding their status; such as loading, offloading, delivery, etc.


  • School Transport Industry
  • Cargo Industry
  • Rent a Car
  • Emergency Services
  • Public & Private Transport
  • Food Distribution
  • Logistics Industry
  • Taxi Services

Download fmsitrack Application

For more details, you can download the App.

Business to Customers (B2C)

FMSi Track can be used by both business and individual customers. For individual customers fmsitrack can be beneficial for wide range of applications:

  • Theft protection.
  • Family security
  • Driving performance
  • Youth tracking
  • Reducing overspeed fines
  • Engine performance
  • Fleet usage optimization
  • Live monitoring

Download fmsitrack Application

For more details, you can download the App.


Define your needs

You should specify the main reasons of deploying a tracking system for your fleet. Is it for: theft protection, driver performance evaluation, fleet performance management, customers delivery confirmation, etc. Your specified needs affect directly on the tracking software that fits your needs. The more your needs are clear, the more your selection is accurate.

Hardware (GPS tracker device)

Some fleet management systems come with their own hardware and others do not. Choosing a system with its own proprietary hardware has the disadvantage of not being able to change in case you want to. It is recommended to consult the the fleet management company on which devices their system is compatible with. After that, you can easily evaluate the quality of the hardware, and you will have evaluate the features that the fleet management software is claiming it meets. Moreover, hardware warranty should be investigated, and if there is no local hardware supplier for the selected GPS tracker, then you should consult the software supplier for this.


This is the crucial point that you should be aware of. Most of the tracking softwares are based on annual or monthly subscriptions. However, your budget should consider two additional fees: hardware and Internet connection. Some companies may offer you the hardware for free against a contract of minimum period. Internet fee is related to the telco provider you prefer, as most of tracking systems suppliers do not cover this.

Class of service

How much your usage will be a heavy duty or not. This has a direct impact on the following:

  • Internet fee: Most of M2M SIM subscriptions bill you for a fixed price with maximum usage (e.g. 100 MB/month). Therefore, you should consult your tracking software supplier regarding the sufficient package for you, specially if your business is critical and that you will need extensive updates (every 10, 30, 60, 100, … seconds) This will affect the Internet fees notably.
  • Hardware: The selected GPS tracker must comply with the working conditions, hence it should be suitable to your application. For example: operating temperature, the need of antenna, etc.
  • Software: You should ask yourself if you may need proprietary features in the future, because there are a lot of tracking system suppliers that cannot adapt their systems to fit exactly your needs. If this is the case, then you should have a confirmation from your supplier before starting the contract.


For some customers, it might be something straight forward to install a GPS tracker in their vehicles, however, for others it might be a headache. Make it clear with your hardware supplier and do not hesitate to make it part of your contract.


A quick comparison of prices, features, and after sale support between different fleet management software suppliers will be useful before making your mind.


Vehicle tracking software for GPS tracking business

How is the pricing of FMSi Track tracking system is calculated?

Our solution is a SaaS based, the subscription fees include the license to use the system, update, upgrade, support and required customization to meet the client business needs. Each vehicle connected to the platform should have a valid subscription. The system uses cloud hosting provides high availability, business continuity and security. Therefore, our prices are based on a monthly fee per vehicle.

What are the tracking units that are compatible with FMSi Track?

FMSi Track is compatible with about 15 types of tracking devices from different vendors. However, we are ready to integrate any device if the vendor provides the necessary integration protocols. Our continuous development plan considers the integration of new type of devices to provide our client with a wide range of hardware options.

How is the setup be done for FMSi Track?

FMSi track is a web-based application; our clients access the application from any Internet browser, no need for software installation.

Is there is a possibility to run a demo?

We are ready to provide a demo access for one month free in order for you to see how our system works.

How to immobilize a vehicle?

FMSi Track gives a comprehensive interface to send commands to the device installed in your vehicles. Our system communicate with the hardware immediately through the defined protocol. For the sake of safety, fmsitrack allows also the user to define the conditions to execute the command; such as the speed is less than 20 km/h, upon ignition off, etc. Once executed, the vehicle will not be able to start again unless the user sends again an unlock of immobilization.

How to do migration from an existing system to FMSi Track?

Migration is possible; our consultants will study the project and provide a smooth migration plan with guaranteed business continuity.

What are the requirements for deploying FMSi Track?

Our consultant will study the business need, provide the cost-effective solution with deployment plan for the hardware and software customization. Our local partner supports the hardware installation.

How to integrate FMSi track with other data provider systems such as (ERP, waybill, etc)?

FMSi track is capable of integrating with any third party application by providing secure two-way communication web-service according to client business need. Our technical team will study the client integration requirement and prepare the necessary integration plan.

What is the maximum number of vehicles that FMSi track tracking can handle?

Eventually, FMSi Track supports an unlimited number of vehicles. Cloud hosting provides the flexibility to expand the resources with zero down time. Our operation team monitors the system performance 24/7 to ensure the best performance for our clients.

How to allow only certain drivers to use my fleet?

You will need to install a driver identification reader and connect it to the GPS tracker in your vehicles, and provide each driver by an ID (RFID, iButton, etc). The GPS tracker can be configured so that it will not allow the ignition on unless it reads an authorized driver key. After that, you can log in to fmsitrack and add the drivers along with their IDs to the system, then you determine for each vehicle the set of authorized drivers. The result will be that the drivers with authorized keys can ride the vehicles determined by the company admin.

Download fmsitrack Application

For more details, you can download the App.


Vehicle tracking software for GPS tracking business

  • 1
    FMSi Track is a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud-based system; our customers do not have to worry about any platform-related stuff.
  • 2
    Mileage: Live vehicle’s mileage monitoring, with all related alarms and reports.
  • 3
    Scheduled report generation according to the user configuration.
  • 4
    Partner level management that allows managing a group of companies, in addition to managing tracking units depository.
  • 5
    Passive control of the vehicles through a dedicated mobile application.
  • 6
    Live event monitoring on the map, and the capability of including them in wide variety of alarms and reports.
  • 7
    High flexibility to meet customer’s requirements.
  • 8
    Capability of single vehicle monitoring on both map and dashboard.
  • 9
    User friendly alarm generation interface to allow the clients to configure their own alarms that fit their needs.
  • 10
    The capability of generating alarms based on idle time, driving time, speed, distance, etc.
  • 11
    Driver’s behavior monitoring.
  • 12
    OBD (On-Board Diagonistic) data reading and DTC (Diagnostic trouble code) reporting support.
  • 13
    Four languages support
  • 14
    For each vehicle, fmsitrack system provides profound details regarding its past status and performance. It shows the idle to moving time ratio, and monitors its speed evaluation.


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